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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

5749 National Trade Advisor

Ministry of Tourism, Trade, Commerce & Ni-Vanuatu Business

Government Department
Not Stated
Job Hours: 
2 yia period
Due Date:
Not Stated - Please contact the employers directly.

Job Description:

Kavman blong Vanuatu tru long Ministry blong Turism, Tred, Komers mo Ni-Vanuatu Bisnis I kasem assistens blong “Enhanced Integrated Framework” blong promotem Tred Mainstreaming long Vanuatu. Projek hemi provaedem funding blong wan National Trade Advisor posisen we advisor ia bambae hemi assistim Dearekta Jenerol blong Ministry wetem ful koordinesen blong Ministry Trade Mainstreaming Agenda we hemi includim implementesen blong Vanuatu Trade Policy, institutional strengthening blong tred-related institusen wetem National Trade Development Committee (NTDC), mo wan oversight blong Aid-for-Trade projects we oli stap under long manejmen blong Ministry. Contract ia hemi blong tu (2) yia period.

Applicants oli mas
  • Holem wan bachelor o master degree long eria blong economics, development studies, business administration o related disciplines
  • Kat samples 1 yia blong relevant Aid-for-Trade wok experience. Ol experiences long olgeta eria olsem providem lead technical advice long saed blong trade policy, institutional strengthening blong trade institutions, mo aid-for-trade manejmen bae i wan bigfala advantage;
  • Kat excellent written mo verbal communication skills;
  • Hemi proficient blong wok wetem ol Microsoft Office applications, espeseli long Word mo Excel
  • Fluent long English language; hemia hemi wan long ol necessary requirements from high degree blong kontak wetem extenal donor partners. 


Not Stated



How To Apply:

Interested applicants oli save kasem ol detail blong Terms of Reference mo requestem Proposal fom long Cyndia Albert, Human Resource Officer, MTTCNVB, Tel: 7799294, Email: calbert@vanuatu.gov.vu.

Yu mas submitim ol aplikesen fom, wetem ol supporting documentation long Office blong Central Tenders Board long 01 September 2015, by 10 am.

Wan notifikesen bae i kasem ol shortlisted candidates blong attendem wan final interview. Previous applicants oli save applae.

Applikesen i kam long Ni-Vanuatu nomo.

Contact Person:

Cyndia Albert


+678) 7799294
Address: Not Stated



 Not Stated
        12-Aug-15 Direct Employers

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