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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

5801 Office Assistant - Santo

Vanuatu Women's Centre

Non Government Organisation
Santo, Vanuatu
Due Date:

Job Description:

Vanuatu Women's Centre (VWC) hemi wan NGO we hed ofis istap long Vila wetem netwok roan long kantri. Stampa wok we VWC imekem hemi blong stopem ol vaelens akensem ol woman long Vanuatu. Organisation ya hemi bin bon long 1992 mo iwok folem stampa tingting blong Human Right mo tu blong Development blong laef blong ol woman.

VWC istap lukoat pipol we ikat skills mo knowledge blong mekem ol wok ya:
- Ofis Assistant (Santo)

Blong aplae yu mas gat ol samting ya
  • Sapos yu finisim yia 13 o yu bin mekem ol kos long USP
  • Yu save aboat Human Raet mo Raet blong ol woman
  • Yu beliv long Gender Equality
  • Save toktok long bislama mo Inglis o Franis
  • Yu gat gudfala fasin blong toktok long ol pipol
  • Yu save yusum computer
  • Yu save wok long nara aelan.


Not Stated


Bislama, English or French

How To Apply:
Sapos yu gat intres long ol wok ya, sendem aplikesen, wetem CV mo wan copi blong setifiket blong edukesen blong yu mo pepa blong wok eksperiens blong yu. Yu save raetem leta ikam long adres ya "Recruitment, Vanuatu Women's Centre, PO Box 1358, Port Vila" befo 4:30PM long 18th September 2015.

Olgeta we oli aplae finis, bae oli no aplae.

Contact Person:

Not Stated


Not Stated
Address: Recruitment Vanuatu Women's Centre, PO Box 1358, Port Vila, Vanuatu


Not Stated

 Not Stated
        05-Sept-15 Daily Post (Issue # 4570)
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